5 Thoughts on ChatGPT from a Content Writer

I’m pretty quiet in this space (okay, silent). But with all of the conversations surrounding ChatGPT, I finally have something I was to discuss.

If you’re like me, you might have become just a little obsessed with ChatGPT (or perhaps a little frighted 🤖)

ChatGPT is SO cool. It’s epic. World changing.

But I also have some thoughts on it from the perspective of a marketing writer, and you’re free to agree with me or not.

If you don’t know much about my background, I’m a freelance content writer and marketer who focuses primarily on the real estate industry. I write value-driven content for clients from small real estate agents to large investment companies (like a $1 Billion portfolio large). I’m pretty good at what I do and getting better every day.

But I’m also short on time. So, of course, when ChatGPT was announced, I was quick to jump on board to see how I could use AI to deliver the same quality work in less time.

After about a month of using ChatGPT, I have some thoughts.


1. ChatGPT is like working with a brand-new copywriter.

I’ve tried hiring copywriters to take on some of my work. If you’ve ever tried to hire a new copywriter (especially in real estate when there’s an immense amount of knowledge required to write with authority), it kind of goes like this:

  • Their writing is good, and they provide good samples.
  • Unfortunately, they don’t understand the topic, which means they make mistakes – a lot of them.
  • They can deliver acceptable, if not good, work as long as you provide incredibly clear instructions. Ideally, they need an outline with all the information you want included.
  • You’ll have to ask for several revisions before the content is fitting and completely accurate.
  • They are great at short and simple tasks.


ChatGPT is your new copywriter. Adequate for the basics but incapable of writing advanced content. And unlike a new copywriter, it’s not getting better on your subject matter, so you must re-teach it with each new writing request.


2. ChatGPT is amazing at these two things.

ChatGPT is now my go-to source for outlines, which make my job faster and help me deliver even better content for my clients.

I can’t rely solely on ChatGPT to generate outlines, but it’s where I start with each article. If you want to do your own writing, I suggest you give the AI a chance to help you write a killer outline that will keep your article on track.

ChatGPT can also do a great job at writing small blog sections for articles with an informational intent. I’ve previously called this ‘filler content.’ BUT, this content must be closely proofed for accuracy. Because, yes, ChatGPT, in fact, doesn’t know everything.

Once the program spits out a section for a blog, I add my own flare to improve engagement and customize the voice. Other times, I use ChatGPT’s copy as a springboard for writing my own content. ChatGPT gives me the foundational ideals that I turn into outstanding content.


3. ChatGPT is a great tool, but it hasn’t changed the fundamentals of my business.

I am still a sought-out content writer, and ChatGPT has become another great tool in my toolbox (along with SurferSEO, Jasper, and Grammarly), it has not changed how I write, nor has it changed the content I deliver.

If anything, ChatGPT is helping me keep up with brainstorming. It gets me past writer’s block and moments of creative failure. I’m not afraid to admit that I regularly run out of creative energy as a writer.

Chat GPT isn’t changing who my clients are, and I don’t feel as if it’s damaged by business in any way. It’s not going to write SEO content, rank for keywords, or provide any valuable insights into the real estate market. And it’s definitely not going to deliver customized marketing advice, so I’m confident that my business is safe.


4. ChatGPT might replace “bottom of the barrel” copywriters.

Everyone starts somewhere, and I fear for new copywriters who haven’t yet branched past simple tasks. Yes, ChatGPT will make it harder for them to win business and become better writers. In this market and with the influence of AI, upskilling is essential. And for a writer, specializing in a niche that you love (for me, it’s real estate) will be critical to a successful business.


5. ChatGPT is still in its infancy, and I’m excited to see where it can take us.

I think that creatives who fear AI are looking at it the wrong way. AI like ChatGPT and Jasper are great tools that can help us do our work faster, more efficiently, and, yes, better. But they are so far away from replacing the human element. I am excited to experience the future of AI, and sure, maybe AI is the future, but we just aren’t there yet.

Despite ChatGPT becoming a household name virtually overnight, not much has changed in the content writing world. At least, that’s my experience. Clients who work with me should know that I use ChatGPT the same way a mathematician uses a calculator, as a supporting tool that helps me do my job better than before so that I can offer even more value.

Because that’s what I’m all about, valuable writing that drives business and supports clients in achieving their marketing goals.